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f e e d b a c k

May. 31st, 2030 | 11:08 pm
location: Bedroom
mood: productive
music: KPop

(>^_^)>     ~ F  E  E  D  B  A  C  K ~     <(^_^<)

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I am yet to sell anything, but hopefully if I have positive feedback listed on this page it will make those who ever purchase things from me in the future, as well as those I buy from, feel that I am reliable.

Please just leave a short comment below stating:
a) whether or not your feedback is positive, neutral or negative, followed by; 
b) a sentence or two (or more if you're on a roll) on, for example, whether my payment was fast or slow, my communication/friendliness, if I spend way too much money on anime related products and probably need my family to perform some kind of intervention, that sort of thing.

Here is the link to my eBay feedback as well:
eBay feedback

I'll be sure to leave feedback for others as well!

Thanks in advance!!
Aimee ^^

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